Insurance FAQ

Bodhizone accepts cash, check, Mastercard, Visa, and debit cards for copays, deductibles and patient balances as well as payment for all cash-based programs and services not covered by insurance. Although our patients are responsible for their bill, most use one or more of the options below to make sure they get access to the treatment they need.

Most insurance plans or Medicare will cover a portion or all of your treatments. We verify and authorize all patients’ insurance before their first visit, and provide a verbal review of their coverage for therapy, copays and deductibles.

We will provide you with a detailed report verifying responsibility for payment after confirming your coverage benefits. Your co-payment, if any, must be paid at each visit throughout the course of your treatment. If a deductible is part of your policy, then you will be billed any part of your treatment that was applied to your deductible.

Many people forget that they have a deductible and co-insurance. Whether you choose to go in or out of network, you are responsible for additional costs such as your deductible, co-insurance or out-of-pocket maximum.

The deductible is the amount of money you are required to pay before the insurance company starts to pay. This amount is subtracted from their initial reimbursements.

Co-insurance is the percentage the insurance company expects you to pay additionally towards your care.

All insurance plans are different. You will have a set amount per year, ranging from just a few to unlimited. Ask the front desk if you are unsure how many you have left.

Some insurance plans will mail payments to you. They will alert us that a payment was made and for how much. Just bring in those checks as they come.

Treatment FAQ

Dr. Scott Weiss, the owner of Bodhizone, has saved hundreds of people from going under the knife and is a physical therapist for celebrities, athletes and the USA Olympic team. Bodhizone has provided physical therapy for the USA Olympic and Paralympic teams for 4 Olympic games and 3 Pan-Am games.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of rubber-soled sneakers.

Yes. Please bring x-rays, MRI, physical therapy prescription and any related information. Although we can request these from your doctor or lab facility, it is better if you bring them during your first visit so that we can perform a more complete and accurate evaluation. If you do not have a prescription for physical therapy, our in-house doctor can provide it.

We perform various types of treatments and will customize a program combining the best techniques for your specific injury. The modalities and techniques we use include soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, laser, Graston, cupping, stretching, therapeutic exercises, as well as ice and heat. The treatment program will be performed in a private treatment room as well as a gym setting using a variety of athletic and rehabilitation equipment.

Generally, the initial visit will last over one hour since the therapist will need to evaluate your condition, provide treatment, and give home instructions. Following visits may last from 45 minutes to one hour depending on your injury and level of activity.

Most treatment are for 2-3 visits per week, but this will vary based on your condition and physical ability. Treatment plans usually last 6-12 weeks with periodic re-evaluations and regular follow-up visits with your doctor.

Important Tips:

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment to check-in.
  • Bring all necessary insurance verification, physical therapy prescription, list of medications, radiographs (MRIs, X-rays), etc.
  • Bring or wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and a pair of rubber-soled sneakers.
  • Please fill out all paperwork before coming to speed up the administrative process.

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